Anaeron Pty Ltd are specialists in the supply of high quality, industry leading medical products. We offer a range of Infection Control Solutions and Ultrasound consumables and accessories.

Our aim is to help protect and improve our Healthcare environment, one step at a time.

We stock an extensive range of products including:

Infection Control Accessories New to Australia, electric and cordless fogging machines for the dispersement of disinfectants - reaching every surface. Perfect with S-7XTRA!

STERI-7™ (S7XTRA) - Steri-7 products are revolutionary hospital grade BIOCIDAL disinfectant cleaners, ARTG Registered with claims to be highly effective against; Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, Fungi, Mould and TB. Proven to kill C. Difficile, MRSA & TB

dB Sonic  Quality Ultrasound Gel, manufactured in Australia and at a fraction of the cost of it's competitors.

PCU Ultrasound Covers Seamless, powder free, sterile and non-sterile, latex and latex free cover versions. The sterile covers are a safe 50 micron thickness without compromising image quality

"Easy Covers" Sterile ultrasound probe covers made to ensure fast and smooth probe insertion.

CERACARTA GEL Ceracta S.P.A. Gel is a carefully designed composition of ultrasound gel. Available in Sterile and Non-Sterile Single Use Sachets

Anaeron Gel Made in Italy under our brand. Great value good quality gel in clear and blue 250ml



    Covers, Drapes & Guidance

    Delivering accuracy and stability for puncture procedures and protection for patients and to prolong the life of equipment as well as preventing cross contamination.

    Ultrasound Accessories

    A range of accessories including the redesigned gel warmers and high quality sony medical imaging print paper.

    Patient Monitoring

    Offering a wide range of High Quality ECG Electrodes to ratify even demand of diagnostic and monitoring applications.
  • Covers, Drapes & Guidance

  • Ultrasound Accessories

  • Patient Monitoring


    Ultrasound Gel & Stand Off Pads

    High quality products which provide excellent coupling mediums for all ultrasound transmission & electrotherapy applications.

    Infection Control - High Level Disinfection

    ‘It’s Almost Here’ Class IIB High Level Medical Instrument grade biocidal Disinfectants for use on therapeutic devices and surgical instruments.

    Infection Control - General Purpose, Hand Hygiene & Spills

    Hospital Grade Biocidal Disinfectant Cleaners; Non Alcohol base, PH Neutral non irritation and rub and soaps and Absorbent powders to absorb fluid spillages for hygienic disposal.
  • Ultrasound Gel & Stand Off Pads

  • Infection Control - High Level Disinfection

  • Infection Control - General Purpose, Hand Hygiene & Spills